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    JBR Plastic

    JBR Plastic is a complete provider and manufacturer of plastic products and services proudly serving customers since 2003. We make it easy for you to complete your needs, regardless of your location.

    • We specialize in manufacturing plastic products
    • We have a factory building of 1000000 square meters
    • We constantly develop new products
    • We provide free sample service
    • We have the latest technology
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    Why Choose Us

    We have different factory for different products and there are some very large inventory and several key distribution centers in China and around the world.

    • ◎ We have a team of industry experts
    • ◎ We can provide customers with a variety of products
    • ◎ We stock and sell the best quality products
    • ◎ We have a well-trained customer service team
    • ◎ We can respond to email within 12 hours
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    JBR Plastic

    We offer free sample service, whatever you need, just tell us the required data and we'll make your illusory concept in mind from sketches or CAD blueprints to real product as soon as possible.

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    News Center

    • Our Factory

      With several 1000000 square meters factories, we can easily reach large demanding request from our clients, our never ending research and development has lead to tremendous quality increase in our products.

    • Production Equipment

      12 pcs Cast production lines, 20 pcs Extrusion production lines, Cutting Machine, CNC Machine, Laser Enrgaving Machine, Diamond Polish Machine, UV Printing Machine etc.

    • Production Market

      Our main sales markets are North America and Europe, but we can also provide products and services for customers from all over the world.

    • Our Service

      We have a well-trained customer service team which can answer your questions as soon as possible during our working days.

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